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Top 3 Mistakes Authors Make When Writing Their Book

You've committed to writing a book to expand your brand, business, or thought leadership, so you must avoid making mistakes that cost you time and money. 

A book is a great way to build the ultimate audience for you and your business. It's the fastest way to create connection and value for your reader. In today's video, I will address the three biggest mistakes people make when writing their nonfiction (aka thought leadership) books. And I give you the tactics used by some of the most successful and incredible thought leadership authors to create the ultimate experience for their readers.

The top 3 things I see happening over and over again by first-time authors are:

  1. No Plan: What do you want the reader to know?

  2. No Call-To-Action: Where do you want the reader to go?

  3. No Execution: How are you going to get them there?

Everything you need to know about avoiding these mistakes is available in this video: