What I Do

I work with leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, and all kinds of amazing people who want to create an impact with their words. Some choose to go the traditional publishing path, and others self-publish their books. Books are the ultimate legacy. People from all over the world can discover who you are just by finding your book on Amazon or in a bookstore. They are the best way to name and claim your methodologies, expertise, and create a transformation for someone.

Once you write a book, you can create an entire ecosystem around it with public speaking, digital courses, workshops, live events, coaching, and consulting. And while all of those things help grow your business, they also make the information you are sharing super sticky. Imagine the positive impact you can have on others if they are able to learn and implement what you are teaching.

Being a professional writer, a strategist and a former corporate executive, I understand your desire to create an impact through your meaningful work.  Your expertise expands far beyond your day to day life. It’s a combination of your professional  and life experiences that people are waiting to hear. By sharing your ideas you can have a positive impact on thousands of people.

How I Got Here

My entry point to major publishers like Simon & Schuster was through a side door where I built the relationship first.

I didn’t begin with a query letter, book proposal, or agent. I found the least desired job that was the most difficult for publishers to fill and started offering it as a freelance service. I utilized the skills I learned in corporate sales to get to the gatekeeper. People forget there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

I’ve traditionally published thirteen nonfiction books, with two self-published on the way. My books have been used in school curriculums, put me on stage, got me featured at WE Day, and even landed me two board of director positions. 

Why I Do It

I have firsthand experience of the power just one book can have on a person’s life. Several years ago, after an intense lung surgery, I was homebound for many months. Reading books like The Miracle Morning and The 5 AM Club changed my life. Through these books, I was able to build a morning routine that significantly improved my health and mental well-being during a difficult time. Ultimately, it changed my entire business too, because now I only work with people writing books that create an impact or transformation in people's lives. 

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