Patricia Wooster

Founder, WoosterMedia &Ā Designing Genius

Patricia is a former software executive turned founder of WoosterMedia Publishing, where they help experts, leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs codifyĀ their wisdom and leverage their expertise into books, digital courses, workshops, speeches, consulting, and media opportunitiesĀ so they can build brand awareness and reach a global audience. Her clients include C-Level executives, college professors, professional athletes, and media personalities. They have landed agents, major publishing contracts, speaking opportunities, and bestseller status.

She is the author of 19 books, including the award-winning and bestselling Ignite Your Spark with Simon & Schuster, andĀ three entrepreneur co-author books with Wendi Blum Weiss.

Her experience includes working with companies and organizations like Disney, Home Shopping Network, WeDay, Informix Software, Designing Genius, and KPMG, as well as start-up entrepreneurs and influencers.

Today, she is partnered with Wendi Blum Weiss to teach entrepreneurs how to successfully brand themselves as bestselling authors, speakers, and experts in their field. As creators of the Unleash Expert Academy, they teach entrepreneurs how to create clarity and confidence around their personal brand and core strengths while building a strong foundation of assets that create credibility and amazing opportunities.

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