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The Real Reason People Don't Get Their Book Written

Millions of people every year make the goal of writing and publishing a book, but few take action.

Why is that?

#1 They Don't Have An Accountability Plan 

Writing 30,000 - 60,000 words doesn't happen by accident. It requires consistent and intentional action in order to keep the project moving along. Blocking out time on a regular basis is the key to getting your book written and published.

#2 They Don't Have A Plan For Their Reader

Your book needs a clear message that delivers a result to your reader by the time they finish reading your book. If you try to cover too many areas and offer too many solutions, your book is not actionable. This comes down to identifying the #1 result you can deliver to your reader.

Your messaging should be unique to you. This can be your methodology, a unique system, or a different way of viewing a solution or situation.  

#3 They Are Afraid To Fail

Self-doubt is a powerful procrastination mindset. We spend many years growing in our professions and building our reputations, so it's understandable to be afraid of writing your first book.

#4 They Don't Know Why They Are Writing Their Book

Understanding your "why" is one of the most important exercises you can do before embarking on the journey of writing your first book. Committing to this journey is major, so make sure you understand your motivation. Is it to serve? Deliver a message? Build your brand? Or increase your reach? All of these are valid reasons and should be big enough that they keep you going when the writing gets tough.

I discuss this more in this video: