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We help experts, entrepreneurs, and executives write, publish, and market books that create an impact on their audience.

Top 10 Mistakes People Make Writing & Publishing A Book

Learn simple tweaks to change the success of your book!


The Write Plan

What if you knew exactly what to say every time you sat down to write? What if you knew how to take your earned experiences and create a transformation for your readers? What if you weren’t only writing a book but creating an entire business around your expertise?

The Write Plan is the solution for people who want to write and publish a high-impact book with all the steps to get there. It’s time to stop thinking about writing a book and get it written.

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Write Plan™Quick-Start Course

This program will have your book outlined in a weekend with a clear strategy for your value-ladder to grow and build an audience.


No one needs to struggle alone. Our 5-step Write Impact plan guarantees you will write, publish, and amplify a message worth sharing with the world.


Our college-accredited program utilizes our proprietary Write Impact™ methodology for writing, publishing, and launching books. 

Called to Speak, Lead, & Impact

Soon to be a spoken-word narration and experience.

More people than ever are reevaluating their lives and choosing a new path as to how they want to show up in the world. Why? 

We have been shaken awake. We have gone through a time of major transition from being on autopilot to redefining every area of our lives. The societal norms are broken open for us to establish deeper meaning and a higher purpose. 

Grab a copy today if you are ready to step into 20+ leaders' journey into impact. 

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Ever Wondered How Certain Experts Became So Well Known? At WoosterMedia we focus on expanding your profile within your industry. We use our proven proprietary frameworks to build an ecosystem around your earned expertise. 


"Patricia wears a lot of hats for me, which is one of the things I appreciate about her. We started with an idea for a book, wrote, published, and released it. Then we moved into building out a brand and business around my expertise with workshops, coaching, and digital offers. The accountability piece and ability to shift with my needs for each session, week, or month is what I like best."

~Ryan Stock, One Last Drop

“Patricia pushed me where I needed to grow and validated my strengths. I LOVED the candid/direct feedback, it was exactly what I needed to take this book to the next level. I knew nothing about the publishing process. She guided me and always had my goals and best interest at heart. She helped me deliver something that contained ‘more of me’ and in a way that would support my personal goals.”

~Michelle Hubert, Finding Freedom In A Framework

Female Entrepreneur's Playbook

More women than ever are starting businesses -- yet so few are sharing how they do it. Why? Because being a successful female entrepreneur is hard work and comes with a unique set of challenges that many don’t share.

If you are ready to level up your business then grab your copy of this #1 Bestselling Book Today!

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About Me 

After starting and stopping several book projects, I almost gave up. I was afraid to self-publish a book and have it fail ... and I wasn't finding an agent to publish traditionally.


Now I am the author of thirteen traditionally published and five self-published books. If you are an entrepreneur, an executive, a coach, or an athlete who has earned a level of expertise in their field - we likely share a similar path. As a result of my earned expertise in the publishing world, my writing career took an interesting turn in 2016. People started seeking me out to get advice on becoming a published author, writing a book proposal, and landing an agent. What I found during those consultations was that coaching and mentoring were even more rewarding than seeing my books on the shelves at Barnes & Noble. Through the process, I have developed a proprietary methodology and framework called The Write Impact™ to help experts share their expertise and impact a bigger audience. If you want to expand your reach and offerings around your unique combination of experiences, expertise, and point-of-view, you have come to the write place.


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