Tired of Duct-Taping Strategies Together?

Go From Best Kept Secret To Industry Leader

How?  Showcase your expertise through books, courses, speaking, consulting & programs to build your brand and credibility


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We help experts, entrepreneurs, and executives write, publish, and market books that create an impact on their audience.

Are You an Expert Who Struggles with Creating Awareness of Your Offer or Expertise? 

Most people play small, get in their own way, or lack the confidence to think BIG and ask themselves what if . . .


Imagine if there were no limitations on your success or what you can accomplish as an entrepreneur and thought leader


Imagine if the only barrier between where you are now and where you want to be is getting your message to the right people


Imagine having a team in your back pocket to be your visionary, who helps you create the foundation for attracting the right people

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Like me, you probably thought the hard part was taking the leap to follow your passion.

. . . only to find yourself running from one guru and program to the next trying to figure out how to launch, market, and grow your business. Between learning new systems (and tech‚ÄĒouch) and chasing shiny objects, it's no wonder many people end up with a duct-taped business that's hardly working.

Duct-taped systems have:

‚ĚƬ†No brand identity¬†or consistent messaging

‚ĚƬ†No clear methodology or expert thought leadership

‚ĚĆ Random offers with no clear value ladder

‚ĚƬ†No audience-building or sales strategy

‚ĚƬ†Too much¬†time spent on learning technology,¬†taking courses and messing around on the backend

I get it. I've been there 

I went from working in Corporate America to launching a business that took me years, lots of mistakes, and money to get off the ground.

But after plenty of bad false starts I learned how to become the visionary & strategist for my business.

In just 7 years, I was able to . . .

  • Land a 3-book publishing deal with Simon & Schuster (with no audience)
  • Publish 16 bestselling books
  • Create (2) college-accredited course (available in 27 colleges)
  • Speak on stages, panels & private mastermind events
  • Attend graduate school at Harvard University¬†
  • Found WoosterMedia LLC & launch publishing, certification, speaking & course platforms for CEOs, athletes & leaders
  • Found Designing Genius, a software solution for workplace engagement & performance


Massive momentum happens when you . . .

Become the visionary for your business, which requires changing your mindset and releasing self doubts.

Create your signature story and methodology so you have a cohesive story and expertise to share.

Know how to collaborate and partner with skill sets you lack so you can stay focused on your expertise.

As the owner of three companies, I understand the excitement, energy, and commitment that go into launching a new business.

I also understand that the faster you can identify and communicate your expertise to others, the more time you have to serve the right clients doing what you love.

Lose the Duct-Tape & Work With Us

Coaching, Academies and Communities to build your brand and credibility showcasing your expertise

Unleash Expert Academy

Our signature program and community helps you unleash your authority through our training, networking & implementation sessions.

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We provide coaching to help you design a business you love. Whether you need a visionary strategy or help with writing a book, digital courses, certifications, etc.

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Write Impact‚ĄĘ Academy

Our¬†college-accredited program utilizes our proprietary Write Impact‚ĄĘ methodology for writing, publishing, and launching books.¬†

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The Write Plan

What if you knew exactly what to say every time you sat down to write? What if you knew how to take your earned experiences and create a transformation for your readers? What if you weren’t only writing a book but creating an entire business around your expertise?

The Write Plan is the solution for people who want to write and publish a high-impact book with all the steps to get there. It’s time to stop thinking about writing a book and get it written.

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